3 Gift Ideas Perfect for Chocolate Lovers

3 Gift Ideas Perfect for Chocolate Lovers

We all know that around the holidays our calendar fills up with celebrations, get-togethers, pot lucks, company parties and so much more. When you stop to think about all of the gifts you need done before the holidays it can be exhausting.

One thing we know for sure is that every single person has at least one person on their list that loves...you guessed it...chocolate. Instead of stressing running around trying to decide what to get, use one of our gift ideas that are perfect for chocolate lovers everywhere.

Chocolate Gourmet Pretzel Gift | Uncle Jerry's Pretzels

Chocolate Fanatics Basket

Go down your gift list and you are sure to come across a name of a person that is a chocolate fanatic through and through. Grabbing chocolates from various places can create a gift basket that is unique, and special.

One fun idea is to order various chocolates from all over the United States to create a chocolate basket that is perfect for taste testing all year. The chocolate fanatic on your list is sure to love trying new chocolates and supporting homemade pretzel makers everywhere.

Another idea is to order chocolates right to your doorstep. Individually wrap each homemade chocolate product in your order and label them for different days of the month with special notes on each. Adding an element of surprise while also creating a personalized gift that is specific for the chocolate fanatic on your list.

Small Truck Holding Dark Chocolate Pretzel Packs | Uncle Jerry's Pretzels

Chocolate Stuffed Gift

Who doesn’t love two gifts in one? We love the idea of finding a gift that can be used as decoration, but also doubles as the perfect container to house your gift. Plus, opting for a cute decoration as your container takes your gift to an entirely new level.

One way you can add some fun to your gift is grabbing a holiday decoration, or even reusing one you have had for years. Some ideas we have found work are adorable trucks, stockings, baskets, themed kitchen bowls, and so much more. The possibilities are truly endless and are sure to leave people in awe of your creativity.

Milk Chocolate Pretzel Dessert Packs | Uncle Jerry's Pretzels

Chocolate Stash Stock Up Gift

We all have chocolate lovers in our life and we know one thing is for sure, many, if not all, have a stash of chocolate somewhere in their home. A perfect gift for a fellow chocolate lover is giving them a basket full of what they love...chocolate!

Grab a basket or box and fill to the brim with homemade chocolates of different types and flavors and add a simple tag that says “For Your Chocolate Stash to Munch on All Year.” Some of our favorites are anytime chocolate mixes with peanut butter, caramel, or something crunchy like pretzels.

Are you overwhelmed with the size of your gift list and truly have no time to get it all done?

At Uncle Jerry’s Pretzels we have premade gift boxes that will ship right to your door. Find our chocolate covered Pennsylvania Dutch pretzels, in both dark and milk chocolate, here. We even offer Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites, Caramel Pretzel Bites, and of course Pretzel Bark.

Do you need unique gifts for corporate parties, teacher appreciation, or holiday get togethers?

Instead of working feverishly on baking various desserts, grab our homemade pretzel gift baskets or individual chocolate Pennsylvania Dutch pretzels that are already done and sent to your doorstep.

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