4 Perfect Summer Snacks

4 Perfect Summer Snacks

We have finally made it to summer, full of sunshine, road trips, and time with friends and family. Summer is a time to sit by the pool, visit new destinations, and make memories that will last a lifetime. We all know that to make any memory that much better snacks are a necessity.

From salty to sweet and everything in between, there are plenty of options to bring along with you on your summer adventures. We narrowed down four snack ideas that are perfect to add to your summer travel plans.

Portable Summer Snacks

Vegetables, fruits, salty snacks, yes, please! Nothing is more refreshing than having snack options that you can enjoy by yourself or scoop into a delicious dip.

To prepare ahead of time, precut your vegetables and fruits and store them in plastic bags. Grab a few dips to try and add everything to an insulated cooler. Don’t forget to grab a few salty snacks like chips and pretzels to enjoy.

Think outside the box by using dips such as hummus, French onion, ranch and so many more. When it comes to fruit dips and salty pretzels, don’t forget to grab a sweet dip to scoop in and enjoy.

Premade Adult Lunchable

There is nothing worse than getting to your destination and seeing food options that cost you a ton of money. If you are visiting areas that allow you to bring in food, save money by preparing ahead of time.

One trend that many people are loving is premade adult snacks. Think of a small snack tray contained in a divided Tupperware to enjoy on the go.

To get started grab some of your favorite cheeses, olives, pickles, vegetables, and of course crackers and pretzels. Next, make sure you have Tupperware that is divided into various-sized storage compartments to store all of your options. Then you can prepare ahead of time by pre-slicing cheeses and adding everything to each compartment.

Creating premade snack boxes is not only a great idea for road trips, or day trips during the summertime, but also makes a quick grab-and-go lunch for the workweek.

Car Snack Stock Up

We all know that during the summer months our schedule is full of trips we have planned, events and pool days. Having snacks readily available will help keep everyone in your family happy and can save you money from having to buy snacks on the go.

One idea we have is to get prepackaged snacks that don’t need to be refrigerated and keep them in your car. You could store them in your middle console if you have room, or grab a small tub to keep in the trunk of your car. Fill your container with salt pretzels, granola bars, chips, peanut butter, and anything else you can store without it spoiling.

Not only will you have snacks for your family whenever you need them, but you will also end up saving a ton of money from not going to your local gas station or fast-food restaurant.

Snacks to Share

Many of us not only have trips and adventures planned, but sometimes you have the occasional kids' sports event, birthday party, or get together.

One way to save yourself time and minimize germs is with snacks that are prepackaged for everyone to enjoy. You will no longer have to worry about each kid putting their hand into the same bag with snacks that are each individually wrapped to easily hand to each child.

Grab some snacks such as pretzel snack packs, fruit snacks, or chips to have individually wrapped snacks for any occasion.

No matter where your summer plans take you, our handmade Pennsylvania pretzels are easy to store and can travel with you on every adventure. From Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzel snack packs perfect for kids to our 3 lb bags of pretzels that can accompany you to a big family gathering, we have something to fit each summer adventure. 

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