Easy Party Favor Ideas for Your Next Party

Easy Party Favor Ideas for Your Next Party

Throughout the year, there always seems to be endless celebrations. Celebrating birthdays, holidays, weddings, babies, and so much more. Celebrations can bring joy all year long in a variety of ways, but finding creative favor ideas can become draining after a while.

With each party or celebration that comes your way, you are often tasked with thinking of new and creative ideas for favors. While the typical favor is always appreciated, adding an element of surprise will keep guests on their toes.

At Uncle Jerry’s we know it doesn’t always make sense to open an entire bag of pretzels for guests to enjoy. That is why we created snack packs that are perfect for your next party for a variety of reasons.

Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzels

Minimizes Germs

With everything going on in our world, taking extra precautions is a great choice. When it comes to parties, figuring out how to gather everyone safely is likely a top priority.

With our snack packs, you won’t have to worry about multiple hands touching the pretzels before each guest enjoys them. Having snacks that are covered that guests can easily grab will minimize germs and help to ensure guests' favors are healthy and germ-free.

Handmade Pretzel Snack Packs

Already Individually Wrapped

Planning a party of celebration often comes with plenty of details. From food to decorations to games and presents, your to-do list always seems to be a mile long when planning a party. By grabbing favors that are already prepackaged you can cross another item off of your list.

Also, prepackaged snacks minimize the contact for each favor and are easy for guests to grab on the way out.

Handmade Party Favor Pretzels

Healthy Option

While parties are often the perfect place to put out all of the snacks and sweets, having a healthy option is great for everyone.

If you are throwing a shower or party for someone that is more conscious of their health, vegan or plant-based your options may be more limited.  At Uncle Jerry’s our pretzel snack packs provide you with two all-natural handmade Pennsylvania Dutch pretzels that are absolutely perfect for your next event.

Pretzel Snack Packs

Comes in Two Flavors

Every guest will likely not enjoy the same flavors, so providing multiple options when it comes to party favors is always a great idea.

That is why we provide you with two different flavor options, our two most popular varieties, Specials & Extra Dark Pretzels.

Don't Forget About Something Sweet 

Individually wrapped chocolate pretzels are a great way to add something sweet to your next part. We offer individually wrapped milk and dark chocolate handmade pretzels, providing you a germ-free and delicious snack. 

Are you counting down the hours until your next event and rushing around trying to find the perfect favor? Give yourself time and energy back by ordering our handmade prepackaged pretzel snack packs to your doorstep.

You can even also utilize our store locator to find our Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzels near you. 

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