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Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with These 3 Ideas

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with These 3 Ideas


Cinco De Mayo is right around the corner, are you ready? Cinco De Mayo is the perfect time to celebrate with friends and family in a fun way.

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with three snack ideas that are sure to wow your guests.

Cinco De Mayo Dipped Pretzels

Salty meets sweet with dipped pretzels. Customize our pretzels for your specific party by grabbing some melting chocolate as well as colored sprinkles in the colors you need.

For Cinco De Mayo specifically, grab red and green sprinkles and white melting chocolate to create pretzels that fit your theme.

If you have kids joining your party, you can even create a customized pretzel station where they can create their own. Once you dip each pretzel, kids can decorate them as they choose and they will harden in the refrigerator in no time.

Don’t want to mess with dipping each pretzel? Grab our pre-dipped milk and dark chocolate pretzels delivered right to your door.

Cinco De Mayo Drink & Snack Tray

When you think of Cinco De Mayo, one drink likely comes to mind…margaritas. As guests arrive, have margaritas and salty snacks ready to go for them to grab.

Fill your margarita glass with your top choice and tie on with Cinco De Mayo themed ribbon to our snack packs that are packaged with two pretzels each.

Cinco De Mayo Dip Board

You can’t go wrong with dips, and when you combine them with savory pretzels or your favorite chip you will have people coming back time and time again.

Don’t forget about the dips you would usually use for Cinco De Mayo such as seven-layer dip, queso, and guacamole, and create a dip board to celebrate. Take it one step further by providing Cinco De Mayo-themed plates and napkins for everyone to scoop and build their own plate to enjoy.

No matter what your next party entails, Uncle Jerry’s Pretzels is here to help from snack packs perfect for favors to pre-packaged gifts prewrapped and ready to give. Don’t forget about our wide variety of handmade Pennsylvania Dutch pretzels, try out our Pennsylvania pretzel variety pack to have something every one of your guests will enjoy. 

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