Halloween Snack Ideas

Halloween Snack Ideas

Every October, as the leaves change and cooler temperatures head our way, many people look forward to celebrating Halloween with those they adore.

Whether you are hosting a Halloween party or simply taking it easy and passing out candy to trick-or-treaters, we have you covered for snacks for Halloween.


Halloween-Themed Snacks

Grab our Chocolate covered pretzels or our regular handmade pretzels and dip them in orange and white chocolate to make a perfect Halloween-themed treat. Add a dollop of green food coloring to the top to create a stem, and serve giant pretzel pumpkins at your Halloween get-together.

You could also grab our hard sourdough pretzels and drizzle white chocolate across them, add two candy eyes, and you have a perfect mummy snack to put out for Halloween.

Are you looking for an even simpler snack? Grab different orange, white, and black sprinkles. Melt white chocolate and then dip our regular pretzels in. You can even have kids decorate their pretzels or make them ahead of time for all to enjoy.

Snacks to Go

As you walk around every neighborhood with your kids, you are bound to get hungry along the way. Instead of reaching deep into the bag of never-ending candy, enjoy a healthy snack that won’t make you regret your decision later.

Handmade pretzel Snack Packs are perfect for carrying with you on the go. Store them in your purse or bag for easy access, and always have a healthy, all-natural Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzel ready to grab.

If you are wanting something sweet, you can grab our individually wrapped Chocolate Pretzels to enjoy along your Halloween route. Although, if it is warm where you are, we recommend leaving our Chocolate Pretzels to enjoy when you get home.


Trick or Treaters

Another option is to have healthy Snack Pack pretzels or individually wrapped Chocolate Pretzels for options for older kids to choose from. Although kids love candy, they also love treats that catch them by surprise or are out of the ordinary.

With two-pack pretzels, you will ensure they have a snack they can enjoy later and significantly reduce the number of germs passed around.

We know how important holidays are throughout the year. After all, they often create the perfect moments to make memories that will last a lifetime. One thing with holidays is that they can quickly get us off course of eating healthy if we let them.

In order to combat the majority of unhealthy eating around Halloween, prepare in advance with handmade all-natural Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzels. Each and every pretzel is made with simple and healthy ingredients that you can understand. Grab an entire bag of your favorite variety to share with family or friends, or hoard them all to yourself…we won’t judge.

No matter what your plans are this Halloween, get ahead by ordering handmade pretzels straight to your doorstep. 

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