3 Snack Ideas for Busy People

3 Snack Ideas for Busy People

Schedules are filling up fast with back-to-school events, parties, sports, and much more. Holidays will also be here before we know it, so preparing for Christmas and Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

Having healthy snacks on hand can easily be forgotten when life gets busy. Healthy, nutritious snacks are often traded for fast food options that are far from healthy. Taking a few minutes to prepare can help provide you with healthy options you can quickly grab when you are on the run.

Snack Packs & Pre-Packaged Dips

As your schedule fills up, having snacks that are a healthy option and you can grab quickly can make a world of difference.

Head to your local grocery store and grab your favorite prepackaged dips. Nowadays, you can even find small individual packaged dips that you can open, use and throw away. For example, guacamole and hummus individually packaged dips are delicious with salty sidekicks like pretzels or crackers.

Hummus is an excellent option as it packs a ton of flavor with good nutrition and protein. Scoop a handmade pretzel into your favorite hummus, and you have a quick healthy snack ready to go!

Make a Quick Yogurt Snack

No matter where you are, work or home, grabbing pre-packaged yogurts can create a quick snack for any time of day. Crumble some crunchy handmade pretzels on top or scoop them into your favorite yogurt, and you have the perfect combination of salty and sweet.

Greek yogurt is great for your gut and a perfect addition to any snack you enjoy throughout the day. Combined with the crunch of a handmade Pennsylvania Dutch pretzel, you will be coming back time and time again.

Make an On-The-Go Snack Bag

Think of all of your favorite snacks in an easily accessible bag that you can grab when you are in a rush, hello convenience. Some of our favorites to combine together are pretzels, nuts, and dried fruits.

Grab multiple of your favorite nuts like cashews, peanuts, and pecans, and mix them all together in a large resealable bag. You can then grab some dried fruit such as mangos and add them into your bag for another great quick, nutritious snack option.

Add your crunchy handmade pretzels, and you have plenty of options for a quick and healthy snack.

Whether you work from home or have an hour-long commute, the convenience of having quick, nutritious snacks on hand can help give you a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

With our Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzels, every single pretzel is handmade and baked fresh for you. At Uncle Jerry’s Pretzels, we know the importance of knowing what you are eating; that is why every single ingredient is natural and easy to read. With each handmade pretzel, you get an all-natural snack made from wholesome ingredients. 

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