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How to Incorporate Pretzels Into Your Thanksgiving

How to Incorporate Pretzels Into Your Thanksgiving

How to Incorporate Pretzels Into Your Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and as family and friends travel from near and far, get ahead of holiday plans with snacks and desserts ordered right to your door. We all know how busy and hectic the holiday season can be with different events, get-togethers, and celebrations.

Check off another item on your to-do list with three ways to seamlessly incorporate handmade Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzels into your Thanksgiving this year.

Add to Your Dessert Table

Finding a dessert everyone will enjoy can take a lot of work. Add in an entire list of all you need to make for your Thanksgiving meal and it can all be overwhelming. Sometimes the best additions to any holiday meal are already made and ready to eat.

You may be familiar with our varieties of pretzels, including Specials and Extra Dark, but did you know we have a variety of chocolate pretzels too? Chocolate Pretzels combine your favorite Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzels dipped in delectable dark or milk chocolate.

Grab our newest product, the Chocolate Pretzel Variety Pack, and have plenty of salty-sweet treats to display for Thanksgiving. You will have plenty to choose from with Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites, Caramel Pretzels Bites, Pretzel Bark, and so much more.

Use Snack Packs at Each Place Setting

During cold and flu season, it is crucial to think about ways to try and minimize germs. A great way to incorporate individual handmade pretzels is to place a two-pack of pretzels at each guest place setting. You can even take it one step further by adding a nametag with a simple bow.

Handmade Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzels are even better when prepackaged with two pretzels each, making them easy to share. Snack packs offer convenience without sacrificing handmade pretzels' delicious and unique flavor.

Gratitude Gifts of Salty Snacks

Practicing gratitude is important all year but shouldn’t be forgotten about on Thanksgiving day as family and friends come together.

One way to remind those you adore what you are thankful for is by grabbing handmade pretzel snack packs and adding a simple note. You will save time cooking and baking with premade pretzels right to your doorstep. Use the extra time you may have to add gratitude gifts on your Thanksgiving table or in a basket for everyone to grab.

Thanksgiving is unique as it brings together family, loved ones, great food, and gratitude. There are many ways to add premade Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzels to your Thanksgiving celebration, saving you plenty of time.

Order your favorites or try something new with our variety box. Don’t forget to add chocolate pretzels to display on your Thanksgiving table. 

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