Simple Back to School Snack Ideas

Simple Back to School Snack Ideas

Back to school season is among us and your schedules will begin to fill up quickly as life gets busy with back to school checklists.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to get ahead of the back to school rush and always be prepared with healthy snacks. It can be easy to run through a fast food restaurant when the whole family is hungry, so having healthy snacks on hand can help your wallet and curb hunger.

Carpool Snacks

No matter who you are, waiting in a carpool line every day to pick up your kids can get monotonous fast. One way to make the carpool line more bearable is to have snacks that are packaged so you can store them without them going stale.

Grab our Specials or Extra Dark Pennsylvania Dutch pretzel snack packs that hold two pretzels each. Store them in your middle console for a quick snack while you are waiting or an easy snack to hand to kids as they get in the car.

Classroom Snacks

Handmade Pennsylvania Dutch Snack Packs are perfect for classroom snacks as they are wrapped in packs of two.

With two pretzels per pack, you minimize the amount of hands that touch each handmade pretzel, therefore minimizing germs. They are also easily put into a basket for students to grab as they walk by, without you having to hand out individual snacks to each student.

Lunch To Go

As adults packing a lunch may not be our first choice, but it is a great way to save money and helps you focus on eating healthy.

Combine dips, veggies, and salty handmade snacks and you have a perfect lunch to go on your busy days. There is nothing better than having multiple snack options conveniently stored in your lunchbox to enjoy whenever you need a quick snack to enjoy.

You can even include our handmade pretzel snack packs in you or your childs lunch to add a bit of crunch without the mess.

As the school year is in full swing, utilizing any tips and tricks to stay ahead and save you time are crucial. One way to stay ahead is by having prepackaged snacks on hand whenever you need them most.

Having healthy snacks readily available will minimize the need to spend money at fast food restaurants or grocery stores just to curb your appetite until you get home.

We recommend purchasing our Pennsylvania Dutch Snack Packs because they come two to a package. With only two pretzels per pack, you don’t risk the rest of your bag going stale and you will always have a supply of fresh snacks on hand.

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